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Welcome Home Discovery

Bravo Zulu Discovery!

The Space Shuttle Discovery made a successful landing on Friday at 17:32:00 EST. After the first landing attempt at Kennedy Space Center was waved off due to the weather it looked like Discovery was going to have to land at Edwards AFB or worse White Sands. But fortunately Kennedy’s weather cleared just in time for the second landing attempt at KSC. This is great news for Discovery and NASA since it will be much easier (and quicker) to turn around Discovery for it’s late Fall 2007 launch. The landing was perfect and although it was overcast the Shuttle landing was beautiful as always. For some great video’s of the landing visit NASA TV over the next few days for the STS-116 highlights and video files or view the landing video here.

BTW, for some VERY funny jokes (aka the Sunday Funnies) check out Flight Day 13′s Execute Package here. Most of these will require a minimal understanding of MCC Flight Operations.