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Living Without Regrets - Year 32

The sun as seen in angstrom 304 wavelength by the AIA instrument on the SDO spacecraft on 01 August 2012
Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) image of the sun in angstrom 304 wavelength on 01 Aug 2012 by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory

Living without regrets for 11,687 days…

… or 280,506 hours

… or 1,009,821,630 seconds

… and counting!

No matter the unit of measurement, it has been 32 years since I have opened my eyes on this wonderful world. And what a journey it has been! Looking back over my 31st year alive on this planet Earth, it has been quite a ride. Life is unfortunately short, sometimes too short, and we can only live minute by minute. I can’t say I have embraced life as much as I should have up to this point but over this past year, thanks in part to Tim Bailey and his passion for all things awesome, I have strived to live without regrets and not take any moment for granted.

This past year has been full of awesome and memories I will cherish forever. Leading into the year with the brilliant Romeo Durscher, and his compatriot (!), helping to reignite my enthusiasm for space, I was able to take part in experiences, including watching the NASA Juno launch and flying to NASA Wallops Flight Facility, that I likely would not have before and was embraced by an amazing community that also shared my enthusiasm and passions. Taking the living without regrets mantra even further, I stopped pushing things off to tomorrow and began living in the here and now. One of the culminations of this was actually jumping out of a (perfectly working) airplane and skydiving thanks to the ever enthusiastic Erin Bonilla. And what better way to live without regrets except to get others to come along for the ride? Bringing the awesome to DC DrinkUp with the uber-amazing Elissa Frankle, and the grand adventures that have been had, has made this past year… well … AWESOME! It is hard to mention everyone who has made this past year a memorable one but know that I cherish your friendship and the experiences we have shared! Do not just take my word for it though. Start living without regrets and see how much more amazing life becomes!

While I look forward to what this next year of life will bring, the awesome adventures that will take place, and the amazing stories and memories I will be able to look back on, I can only count on the moment that is now. I plan to make each moment as awesome as possible and live without regrets!

This Is Your Life. Do What You Love And Do It Often.

~ Holstee Manifesto